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You gotta get your life back!

Together, step by step, we will get fantastic results without pills in just one month.

       Psoriasis Off program applies amazing new discoveries of body’s repair mechanisms put together. Right now you can take advantage of new technologies and get significant results without drug-containing substances. This is a revolutionary path, and access to new medicine for centuries to come.

         Follow our program every day for one month and your life will start to come back!

How it works ?

Discovery, practical actions and combination of rules

Psoriasis Off program combines new discoveries and established rules of thumb dealing with psoriasis. These rules activate many thousands of complex biochemical processes in your body. In one month you will learn how to combine all the rules together to get amazing Psoriasis Off effect that decreases the condition.

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Special Diet

Special nutrition course will allow you to exclude foods that cause anxiety in the immune system. Also other foods are very efficient in reducing Psoriasis. Special timing for meals is highly recommended and is an integral part of the diet.


Water Sports

Physical workouts and the right kind of stress can help us change conditions for psoriasis. Only by physical exertion and proper stressing you can induce deep relaxation and start correct functioning of the immune system


Full Relaxation

Profound relaxation based on new discoveries calms down the entire nervous system. It generates good sleep, and takes internal nervousness away. At this point, your immune system starts working properly. Psoriasis begins to diminish.

What must i do?

Together we will get your life back.

It`s very important  –

Focusing on Basic Rules

Follow the rules for six months that include the latest scientific discoveries on fighting psoriasis. The major goal is to help you focus on the rules. It’s all simple, just follow the messages you receive every day, step by step. They will come several times a day. It is critical to understand that the main problem is that if not focused you forget to respect the rules and must go back to start again. Together we will achieve amazing results that cannot be obtained with medicines

What do you know about it ?

A surprising discovery was made by people with psoriasis.

This is a gift of Life  –

Amniotic Fluid Strategy

Another astonishing new discovery, which allows you to calm down your immune system. We will teach you how to effectively use it against Psoriasis.  Оur body remembers amniotic fluid. This is where we are all born, in the womb. This is the element where the entire life on Earth got ignited millions of years ago. Also, on our planet, there are striking places with waters very similar to amniotic fluid. It is there that the Clinic will soon be established to combat Psoriasis. Along with other effectively combined discoveries in our program you will gain significant advantage over Psoriasis. You will get results that cannot be achieved with the help of drugs.

Today's Reality!

What is


  • It is correct to call Psoriasis an immune trauma not a disease!
  • External manifestations on the skin are only an alarm signal that something is wrong.
  • Fighting the alarm signal instead of fighting the reason worsens the situation every year.
  • It’s like a disaster you realise there can be no cure for.


Each year, millions of people seek help from specialists who prescribe treatment, and, over time, Psoriasis gets worse. You are offered to buy unique pills, ointments that help for just a short time, but after your health gets poorer, Psoriasis appears with renewed vigor. Insurance medicine works extremely weakly against Psoriasis, as people expect magic drugs under insurance, but they do not exist and other prescribed drugs cause harm in the aftermath.  You will have to learn to live by special rules that will significantly reduce Psoriasis. In the middle, the United States alone spends about  160 billion dollars a year on treatment, but every year the quality of life for people with Psoriasis is getting worse. Unfortunately, the health prognosis of people with Psoriasis who believe in magic drugs is unfavorable. A significant deterioration in health, a decrease in the quality of life, dependence on drugs that further worsen the situation. Development of arthritis of joints and nails and complete disability.

Knowledge & Understanding

What you must know about


  • It is not a skin problem.
  • It is not a disease, it is a trauma.
  • Ointment cannot cure it.
  • Pills cannot cure it.
  • Steroid drugs harm and destroy your body. And over time Psoriasis progresses further and further.
  • Medicines that suppress the immune system are very dangerous and highly destructive.
  • Some types of stress harm and exacerbate Psoriasis, but other types of stress are really helpful against Psoriasis.
  • Immunomodulators work strong just one time. Every next time they get weaker and weaker in their action.

Important to know! 

What medications you can use

Medication use is a ‘dead end’ in treatment of Psoriasis. Every year you are prescribed some kind of medicine, but it only gets worse. Be careful, most drugs will ruin your health and the effects will go away quickly. Some drugs, after a short period of use, lead to deep depression and destroy internal systems of the body, which drug manufacturers are silent about. Other drugs that are prescribed to you lead to serious infections and illnesses.

  • For the skin we recommend using only moisturizers, and paraffin based salicylic and zinc ointments.
  • We recommend medications and methods to cleanse the blood with critically advanced forms of Psoriasis to gain time to join our program.

There is hope !

This is amazing but the virus helps

There is hope  – Second program

New Viral Technology

Thanks to new discoveries and facts on people infected with the virus whose symptoms disappeared within a few days for a very long time. There is hope for finding the solution in this global challenge for all immune diseases around the world. The virus completely destroys the malfunctioning immune system. We believe this is the key to recovery from autoimmune illnesses. This technology has to cope with two tasks. The first task is a safe course after getting infected with a virus and the second is to recreate the correct new immune defense after the destruction of the old one. The second task is the most difficult and requires significant investments in research in this area, estimated in billions of dollars.

Сonstruction Clinic – Third program

Construction of the clinic

Unique places on our planet give us the opportunity to use them to improve health. One such place is northern coast of the Black Sea. It will be there that one of the first clinics will be located, because the water there is very similar to Amniotic fluid.  Getting our treatment program work there will progressively help against Psoriasis.

         We offer to invest in the construction. If you are interested contact us…

Now do you realize that you need to join the program?